Tuesday, August 27, 2013

HuaiShan (Yam) Spareribs Soup | 淮山排骨汤

You always can find this type of yam in Chinese vegetable’s stall or Chinese style pasar pagi/malam. Last time this vege is not very popular as not much people know about it. It’s getting famous now a days as it’s rich of nutrition.

So far, I just use it to cook soup and porridge for my kids. Maybe one day I can try sauté method to test the taste.

250gm HuaiShan / 淮山 / 山药
200gm spareribs
1 sticks medium size carrot
5g wolfberries
30g odoratum / 玉竹 

1. Boil the spareribs about 2 minutes and rinse to clean with cold water.
2. Soak the wolfberries and odoratum until soft and rinse to clean.
3. Peel the carrot and huai shan and cut in chunks.
4. Add all the ingredients in 1 little of water and simmer for 2.5 hours.
5. Taste with some salt.

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