Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Kindergarten Short List in Kota Kemuning

As i mentioned earlier in the Get Ready to School. Here is my summary of the kindergarten so far i have survey.


  1. My husband and myself have spent time at the school, while class was in session, and more than approve of the way they handle the children. My son comes home singing songs, is easier to direct at home, (i.e. cleans up his toys without fuss, etc.) and is always asking when he may go back to school.

  2. Dear Phoenix preschool, which school did you spent time at? I'm currently scouting around for my 2 year old twin boys.
    Thanks for sharing.


  3. U miss out Sri Johan fungate. The most popular kindi in kk. Taipei international school also take in local for preschool.

  4. Hi! Just wondering if anyone have any reviews on Tadika yume, Kota Kemuning? I'm scouting for a preschool for my child who will be turning 4 next year. Thanks in advance.


  5. Our kindergarten program might want to offer a wide hoarding of learning and fun activities to interface with the standard imperativeness of your pre-grown-up, attract their imagination and draw in them to get knowledge.
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