Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pumpkin, Tomato & Spinach Soup Porridge - 南瓜,番茄和菠菜汤粥

2 scoops rice + 1.5 scoops brown rice + 1.5 scoops millet
Pumpkin puree
2 Chery tomatoes
300ml Spinach Soup

1. Clean the mixed rice for few times.
2. Soak the mixed rice in water for around 1 hour and rinse.
3. Cut the Chery tomatoes into small cubes.
3. Cook the rice with spinach soup and add in tomatoes using slow cooker for 3 hour.
4. Pour in pumpkin puree into the porridge and cook for another 15 min.
5. Server.

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