Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Iris 琳琳 CNY 2013

Time passed fast.....Iris is celebrating the 2nd year of Chinese New Year since she born! My lovely girl, she's just an apple in my eyes .... i cannot describe how much i love her. My memory is still very fresh and i cannot forget how's my feeling when i saw her during the nurse carried her to me the 1st time! My tears came out uncontrollable from my eyes. She was so tiny as a new born baby, just 2.3kg.....all's mummy fault as i have not eat more to provide you enough nutrition for you to growth bigger.

Thanks God, now she is going up under my eyes and become a naughty girl :P
She scream and cry for what she wanted but c’t get it, definitely a little fierce girl (辣椒仔).

Iris wishing all 哥哥, 姐姐, aunties, uncles ......Happy Chinese New Year, 恭喜 恭喜!

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