Thursday, February 28, 2013

Nori Spring Roll | 紫菜卷

No reason and still yet to know why this Chinese New Year that I have no mood to buy any cookies from outside stalls. Thus, also not sure what’s the market price now for CNY cookies.

Am not a hardworking baker, thus will just choose some simple cookies and snacks to bake.

This is one of the snacks which is most welcoming and finished very fast during this festival.

Ingredients are pretty simple as well as the methods. I would say it’s a bit time consuming for the rolling part.

Spring roll wrapper
Nori ( those used for Sushi)
Egg white

1. Cut Nori in half and set a side (Nori must be dry).
2. Spread the spring roll on table; place the Nori on top of it.
3. Take a chopstick on the end of spring roll and Nori and start rolling it.
4. Spread the egg white on the spring roll and continue rolling with the chopstick.
5. Slowly take out the chopstick once finished.
6. Using scissor cut in slanting around 1 inch and fry in medium heat oil until golden brown.


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