Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Back to Ipoh | Delicious Chicken Rice

No water supply!!
This is what I am shouting early in the morning. No water supply ….how? Cannot cook, cannot wash….lucky I have few bottle of drinking water. So, quickly cook the porridge for the kids and packing to run away from this dry city.

Go… go … go …no other better town than this----Ipoh :)
Surprisingly, my other 2 sisters also heading to the same time as us ….thus we managed to meet up in my father’s house.

Cucu with popo

My 2 monsters and gong gong

Let’s me share with you what I had for the dinner.

Hmn….this is not the so called famous 牙菜鸡, this is 1 of the normal shop which serve牙菜鸡 and 鸡丝河. But you will surprise the taste is definitely delicious.

Meatballs (pork) soup

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