Wednesday, October 2, 2013

White Fungus Pumpkin Dessert | 雪洱南瓜糖水

This is another type of dessert I like to cook. I like the fungus and my kids will eat the pumpkin. Of course the man will drink the soup  J

I have added some black-eyed pea into this dessert which also enrich the taste and more nutrition.
This pea can help to conditioning hair wellness, energy supplementing, maintain ear arterial function, protect brain, improve eyesight, improve immunity, calm the nerves and increase estrogen.

500g pumpkin
1 medium size white fungus
5-8 red dates
50g black-eyed pea (眉豆)
1 piece sugar ( 片糖 )

1. Peel and clean pumpkin then cut in chunks.
2. Soak white fungus until soft and cut in medium size.
3. Both red dates and pea soak and rinse to clean.
4. Boil 1.5 little water and add all ingredients except sugar simmer for 90 minutes.
5. Add in sugar and turn off the heat, stir until sugar melted.

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