Tuesday, November 6, 2012

日式炸鸡 | Japanese Chicken Karaage

I only notice this fried chicken also sold in Jxsco’s food court in 1U. I get attracted by a local blogger about this bento and I know I will cook it very soon as someone in my house is carving for Japanese food.

I love fried chicken definitely. My mum who always keep complaining after we had lunch/dinner at local Japanese restaurant also said this bento “can eat”….wakaka

3 bone/debone chicken thighs (with skin on)
2 sheets nori
Cabbage thinly shredded

1.5 tbsp Japanese soy sauce ( any other brand is up to u)
2 tsp Mirin ( or 绍兴酒)
Pinch of salt
1 tbsp grated ginger
1 tbsp grated shallot


5tbsp potato flour
3tbsp self raising flour
3tbsp iced cold water
Oil for deep frying


1. Marinate chicken with all seasonings, keep inside the fridge for 1 hour or longer.
2. Mix potato flour and self raising flour together.
3. Pour in marinated chicken and add in iced cold water then mix well.
4. Deep fry the chicken in hot oil and drain on a wire rack.
5. Soak the shredded cabbage in iced cold water; dip up for serving.
6. Once all chicken finished fry;  return the fried chicken into the hot oil and deep fry again for a while.
7. Use the same hot oil, fry the nori for few second and dip up. Cut in small pieces.
8. Serve the fried chicken with shredded cabbage, nori, and drizzle with Japanese mayonnaise.

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