Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Spinach Black Sesame Pork Lean Porridge | 菠菜,黑芝麻猪瘦肉粥

This porridge is sweet and tasty with add on of wolf berries  Dear mummy …. I am strongly encouraging you to buy those good quality wolf berries.

Iris is growing up now….also getting naughty and naughty. Somehow I thought the brother will influence her to act naughty stuff, however it’s work the other way in my house  >_<

I know some mummy will try to give all nutrition food to their little in a meal, this will end up the meal w’t taste as good as it was. Imagine I serve you potato, broccoli, tomato and fish in 1 pot meal, do you think it’s will turn out tasty? For me, definitely not! Unless I cook it separate like make a ABC soup (potato and tomato), sauté broccoli and steam fish. Yeah, this is tasty for me.

1 tbsp black sesame powder (homemade)
1½ inch of pork lean
1 tbsp of wolf berries
10 scoops of rice
Anchovies stock

1. Cook porridge with anchovies stock (mummy should know this steps, so i d't write in details)
2. Bring water to boiled and put in pork lean for 1 min, rinse to clean.
3. Wash and rinse spinach, cut in 2 inch and set aside.
4. Soak wolf berries and rinse to clean.
5. Put in pork lean when the rice is starting to boiled.
6. Put in spinach and wolf berries when the porridge is almost done.
7. Take out the spinach, wolf berries and pork and bring to puree.
8. Return the puree into porridge and add in black sesame powder.
9. Stir evenly before serve.

Thus, each time I try to imagine and make combination for my kid’s porridge which can turn out tasty and match to liking. Try this out, my kids very welcome it especially little Iris.

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